Weather forecast for Waterville on Lake Sakatah, MN Minnesota  

Sakatah Bay Resort
  815 E. Paquin Street
  Waterville, MN  56096



Nothing beats a summer family vacation at the lake in Southern Minnesota!

Enjoy fishing, waterskiing, jetskiing, kayaking, miles of trails perfect for walking, biking or inline skating, sailing, or just sitting on the beach.

Click here for pictures of summertime wildlife.


Why we love Summer at the Sakatah Bay Resort...

  • Everything is in full bloom with green grass & trees, yellow sunflowers, sweet smelling roses and baby mallards following their mother as they grow bigger and bigger! 
  •  Chipmunks scamper here and there as the ducks beg for more bread to be thrown to them. 
  • Catch turtles sunning themselves on fallen tree limbs before they plop back into the water.
  • Enjoy walks to the drive in for ice cream or the little popcorn shop for mini donuts or cotton candy.
  • Waterville Car Show and City Wide Garage Sale - 3rd Saturday in May 
  • Morristown Dam Days Celebration - 1st weekend after Memorial weekend
  • Waterville Bullhead Days Celebration - 2nd weekend after Memorial weekend
  • Old Fashioned 4th of July Celebrations all around!
  • Elysian (Large parade, turtle races, street dance, car show, flea market and beautiful fireworks over Lake Francis).
  • Morristown (Historic one day event topped off with fireworks).
  • Great fishing continues, all water sports, shopping, dining, relaxing and more!
  • County Fairs are underway in surrounding towns.
  • Golf courses are in full swing!